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Who doesn’t love a new light fitting?  Well, I do anyway. Considering ours was about 18 years old and looking like a bit of a relic, we thought it was time for a change for something more in keeping with the décor.  We were thrilled to be asked to review the Branco Multi Light Pendant from Pagazzi.

It’s stylish, with five hanging glass globes set at different heights.  The globes vary between clear and dark smoked glass.

Pagazzi Branco Multi Light Pendant Review


Fitting this was nice and easy. The light itself is completely assembled, except for final fitting of the glass shades, which is wise! It is attached to the ceiling by a 4 pronged bracket. This is glorious in that it allows you to get a very secure fixing without having to hold the rest of the set. You’ll see that there’s provision for 4 good screws (included) in various places. Indeed you can have more if you are a bit suspicious of your ceiling.


Pagazzi Branco Multi Light Pendant Review
The hidden bit of the light fitting


The next photo is how it looks when attached to your ceiling (it looks a bit rough here, but is hidden once the light fitting is in place).



There’s ample space inside the ceiling ‘rose’ for the wiring. You are also able to individually adjust the height of each orb. Little bit fiddly to get them all at appropriate heights, but just a few minutes work.



The light takes E14 bulbs, aka SES, aka small Edison screw, just to help your searching for them! It’s allowed up to 6w per bulb. That’s more than bright enough for a main ceiling light in an average living room if you are wondering.



We, or rather I, chose these Aigostar Smart Bulb E14 from Amazon.  They are small golf ball size. Do not (like me!) be tempted by candle type bulbs if you find them cheaper, they look awful and probably won’t fit! They could look a little prettier when off, but this light is rarely off in our house. Which takes me neatly to my next point. They are Smart bulbs, and with a bit of faffing with the app/Alexa are now on all sorts of schedules and routines. Turning on bright white during the daytime, dimming to a relaxing warm white just before sunset. This really gives the light a whole range of looks, depending on what you want from it. You can also turn them to any colour of the rainbow, purple is lovely (and ideal for a Halloween party!).


Purple lights (caused by the bulbs not the light fitting!)


Or set them to flash in a disco mode, though other than novelty I’m not sure why you would.

On a more dull note for many of you, but quite relevant at the moment, is running costs. Our old light fitting used 120w of bulbs and I just couldn’t get low energy versions. This uses 30w. On an average day it’s on for 15hours, so 1.8kWh(54p ish) versus 0.45kWh(13.5p). See where I am going here……..our new light fitting will save us £147.82 over just one year! (assuming electric cost of 30p/kWh) Also, as it’s now so easy to turn it off, when you walk out the door, just tell Alexa to turn off all your lights – more savings!


Little caveat on installation here, ensure you are either competent yourself or employ a qualified electrician, depending on local laws.  It’s nice and easy to remove a light fitting (with the power off), often less easy to refit if you don’t know what’s going on!


Finally, whenever a new item arrives into our house, any accompanying box is fully inspected by this furry one.



We were sent this product to review – as always, all opinions expressed are my own.