Family Vacation in a Finca on Majorca

When you are done saving money for a family holiday and can finally move to the next steps of planning, deciding where to stay is almost as important as where to go. The environment in which you are staying has a huge influence on how comfortable you will feel, how you will structure your days and which flair your stay will have. Here are some reasons why staying in a finca as opposed to a resort or hotel is a great choice for a Majorca holiday.

Majorca as a Family Holiday Destination

Majorca is often reduced to a hotspot for beach parties, but there is much more to the island, from culture to nature and fun attractions. You will surely find many family-friendly activities that will suit each of your family members. Those are, for example:

  • Sight Seeing – Majorca has a rich history, and many landmarks can be found all across the island. Young children will be amazed by the many Roman ruins and castles that can be explored.
  • Nature & Sport – Majorca has stunning landscapes and natural attractions to explore. There are many limestone caverns building a network beneath the island. Additionally, you can use the surface landscapes for active activities like cycling or hiking while enjoying the flora and fauna of the island.
  • Beaches – Majorca has many family-friendly beaches with shallow and clear water. Many of them are supervised by lifeguards. At the beach you can sunbathe, swim, and play, but also take part in many other activities like wind or kite surfing, diving, parasailing, snorkeling and much more.
  • Attractions – There are many special entertainment options, especially for children. You can find tree-top adventure parks, zoos, water parks, or amusement parks.

The Best Place to Stay on Majorca

Majorca is a relatively small island. Especially when you have a flexible means of transportation, like a rental car, it can easily be explored regardless of where your lodgings are located. However, what kind of temporary home you chose has a big influence on your holiday.

Naturally, this also depends on how you want to spend your time there. If your goal is to be outside as much as possible and only use the lodging for sleeping, it matters little. However, renting a holiday letting gives you the opportunity to make yourself feel more at home.

Benefits of Holiday Lettings

Here are some benefits of renting holiday homes on vacations:

  • The Price – Compared to a resort, renting a holiday letting is often cheaper. This is especially true when you travel in larger groups and for longer timespans.
  • The Feeling – Living in a hotel room feels the same pretty much all across the world. By renting a local home, you can add some flavor to your stay.
  • The Variety – Holiday letting companies offer many different kinds of places. Get an overview on You can find apartments and houses in various styles, shapes and sizes. Depending on your destination, you can book a luxury villa, a Spanish finca or even extraordinary locations like boats, caves or treehouses.
  • The Flexibility – A holiday letting gives you the opportunity to plan differently than during a hotel stay. If the weather is bad , oryou simply need a break from exploring, you can use the house as your home away from home, cook with your loved ones and spend quality time together.

Why Choose a Finca?

Among all these holiday rentals, fincas offer a distinctive feeling. They are an authentic piece of Spanish culture. While the word itself means “estate” and can refer to rural land with cottages, farmhouses, or estate buildings, the real estate world has their own colloquial use for the term. Fincas for rent are holiday homes in a rural setting in Spanish countries. Additionally, these buildings typically are hundreds of years old or erected in the same historic style and surrounded by gardens, woods, orchards, or other agricultural lands. 

The buildings are usually resembling old farmhouses or country estates. They are one- or two-storied, with white or terracotta walls and decorative floor tiling. Their remote locations make them ideal for a recreational holiday in the sun and often by the poolside. They offer plenty of space for families and a cool housing to enjoy the warm climate in.


Majorca offers a lot of entertainment and activities for the whole family. If you have chosen to travel to the island, make sure to check out the local holiday lettings. Especially the remote fincas in rural landscapes offer the opportunity to experience the Spanish culture a bit more authentically. Fincas are frequently beautiful villas in calm surroundings with pools and large terraces for sunbathing and enjoying quality time with your family. They will give your holiday more charm than a run off the mill hotel room.