A Guide to Workplace Risk Assessment

In the UK, every employer has a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment. What’s more, they have a moral responsibility, too. And it isn’t just workers that deserve protection, but members of the public, too. One of the most powerful ways to protect everyone is to get a good idea of what potential … Read more

Why are LED strip lights so popular in modern homes?

Every home needs to have the best possible lighting for the space available. But since no two homes are the same, how are you going to figure out the best way to make use of lights while ensuring that you highlight the areas of your home appropriately too?    The lighting of any part of … Read more

10 Ideas for Day Trips with Your Family from London!

London is one city that has a lot to offer in terms of recreation for both citizens and tourists. But, once in a while, it is a good idea to take day trips with family outside London. You can plan a weekend trips from London to a city of your choice. You could alternatively choose … Read more

How to Turn your Home into a Haunted House

Halloween will be here in just a few weeks, and if you’re planning on doing anything to mark the occasion, it’s worth starting the preparations early. A well-thought-out Halloween party can be a thing of beauty, and you don’t need to spend an enormous amount to make it work. Setting a budget Halloween decorations will … Read more

Cozy Family Room Design Ideas You’ll Love

You can make any size of the living room look great. It does not matter the style, form, shape and colors painted on the walls; you can still customize the living room to meet your preferences. The ideal design idea should help you optimize the available space to make it look comfy while enabling you … Read more

How to Explain Blockchain Technology to Your Children

The famous American physicist Richard Feynman once said: “If you are a scientist and cannot explain in a nutshell to a five-year-old child what you are doing, you are a charlatan”. Can you explain without hesitation how blockchain functions to your child? What practical applications does this technology have today? How can it change the … Read more

Useful Things for Relaxation That You Can Take on Your Trip.

Packing for a trip, whether it’s a short or long one, is an important part of what you hope will be a great travel experience. There are certain essentials that you must take including, but not limited to, clothes, toiletries, shoes, travel documents and personal effects. Apart from all of those, you should also carry … Read more

AD| Growing our business with the Twill ‘Go Global’ Guide

As well as writing a number of blogs, you might know that my husband and I also run a furniture making business.  We have created lots of different products over the years, but more recently have been so busy selling radiator covers that we have streamlined the business to sell just these and nothing else.  … Read more

Burnout: The Signs and What To Do About It.

What is burnout? By definition, burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. It’s caused by excessive and prolonged stress with more and more jobs. When this stress is continuous, especially when left untreated, people lose the interest and motivation that inspired them in a role in the first place.   Burnout can … Read more

Alternative nights out in Leeds.

If you are tired of standing in a queue at the bar, sick of squeezing yourself onto the dancefloor, and bored of sitting around in the same old restaurants, then Leeds may have what you are looking for. Despite the city’s abundance of diverse bars and restaurants, there’s much more to the nightlife in Leeds than … Read more