Candy Rapido’ – The Fastest and Most Spacious Dishwasher

candy rapido dishwasher White CF 5C7F0W and Stainless Steel CF 5C7F0X

The new Candy Rapido’ dishwasher offers a MAXI-Tub and the Wash&Dry 35-minute programme and can reach up to C Energy Efficiency Class.

Iconic brand Candy has always been creating accessible and user-friendly technology and this time it presents Rapido’, the fastest and most spacious dishwasher on the market. This is Candy’s answer to delivering a new concept around dishwashing while meeting the needs of the smart and dynamic consumer.  

Our days have different paces, various commitments, last-minute lunches and dinners. At home, we have become reliant on our appliances which have become flexible and convenient partners, so we have suitable solutions for our every need.

Candy Rapido’, thanks to the new Speed-Drive Inverter Motor along with the Wash&Dry 35’ programme, provides the fastest Wash&Dry cycle in the market. It can wash and dry dishes in just 35 minutes. A remarkable time saving that means more time for other daily activities.


candy rapido dishwasher Stainless Steel CF 5C7F0X


In addition, Rapido’ offers a full range of unique connectivity functions that can be activated through the hOn app, the platform that allows for the management of all Haier Europe appliances. With one touch, you can obtain smart suggestions, special features and can access your appliance remotely. You can also access Candy’s popular function, Snap&Wash which has new features and high-performing functionality.


This is a smart washing experience. You can open the door at the end of the washing cycle remotely. By taking a photo of the loaded racks, you can get advice about the appropriate dishware positioning in the washer.  


Candy Rapido’ is available up to the C energy class which helps reduce energy and save money. It comes in stainless steel or white. MAXI-Tub is the largest tub available in a standard format and is 10% larger than a standard tub to give an improved wash performance, which allows for the washing of the biggest pieces, including baking trays, cooker hood filters, and chopping boards without reducing the space available for daily dishware.


candy rapido dishwasher Stainless Steel CF 5C7F0X


The maxi-accessories make Rapido’ unique. They include:


Maxi-Ladle – The NEW Maxi-Ladle is designed to hold items such as bread knives, ladles, and other long items in the smartest way possible.



The Rapido’ line is fully produced in Haier Europe’s new plant in Turkey that started dishwasher production in January 2023. This is a new best-in-class facility designed to enhance the go-to-market and zero distance to customer approach, which characterises the brand.  New smart technology, special programmes, and remote-control features are boosted by an enhanced and simple maintenance system for a new kitchen washing experience in a kitchen designed by Candy.


Available in White CF 5C7F0W and Stainless Steel CF 5C7F0X

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