Why you should hire an attorney after traffic collisions

When you get into a traffic collision that leads to personal injuries, it makes sense to immediately think about hiring a car accident lawyer. Remember that an attorney can be useful when it comes to filing a lawsuit against the at-fault parties. Unfortunately, there are many lawyers on the market, making it hard to choose the right one. This is especially true when you don’t know why you need to hire the right car accident lawyer. 


To win a traffic collision case and get fair compensation, it’s the duty of the attorney to prove that the other parties are legally responsible for your injuries. This article discusses why you should hire an attorney after traffic collisions.


The importance of hiring a car accident lawyer quickly

Remember that the decision to get a car accident attorney is up to you. However, when you decide to have a Car Accident Lawyer in Hollywood, FL for your traffic collision case, it’s usually a good idea to get one quickly. This should be immediately after the traffic collision. Here are some reasons for doing this: 


Legal deadlines

With car accident cases, there are many deadlines that you must meet, so you need to find the right car accident lawyer to ensure that you meet them. One of these deadlines is called the statute of limitations, but it can vary depending on the state where the accident occurred. Remember that the statute of limitations tends to set the period that you must file your case with the trial court.


You should also know that there are also other deadlines that you need to be aware of. And, depending on the type of insurance that is involved, there can be an insurance policy that may need you to tell the insurer about the traffic collision immediately. Many of the deadlines like these are quite common with underinsured car insurance policies. 


There was a government entity involved in the traffic collision, such as the person who contributed to the car accident works for the government or there was negligence in the roadway maintenance, it means you have to meet a deadline called ante litem that can be six months or a year. Therefore, missing these deadlines may cause huge problems like even losing your case.


Preserving evidence

To prove that the other party is at fault for the traffic collision, you need to have good evidence. But most of the evidence doesn’t last long. For instance, surveillance camera footage from a business where the car accident happened can be deleted over time. In other words, many businesses tend to delete or even record-over the surveillance camera footage in just a couple of days or weeks. Therefore, for your attorney to have a good chance to gather this video footage showing who was at fault, you need to move fast. 


There is also roadway evidence that can be important when it comes to proving the party at fault. This roadway evidence can include car accident debris like broken parts of headlights, skid marks, and wheel gouges that are on the road. It’s always crucial to visit the accident scene so that you can preserve this evidence, especially if no party wants to accept their wrongdoing. Car accident reconstruction experts usually use this type of evidence to demonstrate how the traffic collision happened. However, this evidence can disappear if you delay hiring an attorney because wind, rain, and many more can scatter it. 


The cars that were involved in the accident are also evidence. Remember that the damage to these vehicles can indicate the severity of the accident, and can also assist car accident reconstruction experts to figure out how the accident happened. As explained earlier, it’s also necessary to move fast. Your attorney can determine the importance of the damages to the cars. 


Therefore, they can decide to take photos of the vehicles, or even let accident reconstruction experts do a 3D scan of the vehicles before crushing or repairing them. As you can see, this leaves you with little time. If the car that was involved in the accident can be repaired, it means your lawyer needs to take a 3D scan or photos before repairing it. On the other hand, if the vehicle is totaled, it means your lawyer also has to take a 3D scan or photos before they crush and sell it for scrap.


Medical treatment

You may have a good relationship with your physicians or you happen to have excellent health insurance, so this may not be a problem. However, there are some car accident victims that don’t have good health insurance and they don’t know where to go for medical help. 


The emergency care clinic or local emergency room may not offer adequate medical treatment. Hence, if you want medical treatment after a car accident but don’t know where to go, then a car accident attorney can tell you the right place to seek medical help.



After a car accident, some witnesses can lose their memories and interest. In most cases, most witnesses are ready to share their experiences about the car accident, though this usually happens soon after the car accident. At this point, these witnesses can have good memories of the accident victims in pain, so they are not happy with the driver at fault for not paying attention.


However, over time, most witnesses tend to forget about their experiences and can be less willing to share them. This is because some people may not like talking to an attorney or even the possibility of going to court as a witness. This is the reason why it’s important for your lawyer to get in touch with the witnesses quickly before they lose interest. Your lawyer can usually take written or verbal statements from witnesses so that they can present them in court. 


Therefore, if you choose to get an experienced car accident attorney, then it’s a good idea to act fast. You should contact them immediately after the car accident or within a couple of days after the accident. Remember that you can still hire an attorney regardless of whether or not you wait longer than this.