Trips in the USA: 4 Places to Explore for the Day

Basing yourself in a single location makes a lot of things easier when you are visiting any new country. Then, when you take the occasional day trip, it can jazz things up and introduce some spontaneity and fun into proceedings. Here are four places to explore for the day (and what you’ll need to do so).


Getting Ready for a USA Trip

It’s usually necessary to obtain an ESTA to visit the United States. This is an online visa waiver system that applies to people with e-passports. It’s possible to get an ESTA for European citizens when they are coming from one of the approved countries under the waiver system. There are some ins and outs of the ESTA program to clarify that you can qualify for it. However, most people can, and then they’re saved from needing to apply for a visa through their nearest U.S. Embassy.



A Day Trip from Washington, D.C. to Middleburg in Virginia

If you’re staying in Washington, then you may wish to visit Middleburg in Virginia for the day. It’s got plenty of wine producers where you can try a wine tasting or bring a bottle or two back with you. Horse riding is extremely popular too, so if that’s your thing, then it may be possible to book a ride in a group. Also, if you’re feeling a little homesick already, there are a few British gastropubs you can visit too.

A Day Trip from Phoenix to Sedona

A visit to Sedona from Phoenix allows you to take it easy, breathe deeply, and take a load off. The Slide Rock State Park has a long water slide to try out if you dare! But there are plenty of sporting activities too when you’re done chilling out. These include golf courses and numerous hiking trails. Also, if you’re looking for serenity, try one of the many spas. To find things that you won’t see elsewhere, there are shopping opportunities at boutiques too. The Native American items on offer allow you to take a bit of their culture back with you.

A Day Trip from New York to Sleepy Hollow

If you are based in New York, taking a trip to Tarrytown or Sleepy Hollow is worth considering. People who enjoyed Washington Irving’s creative side may already have heard of Sleepy Hollow. His home is an interesting visit, but if that’s not your speed, then one of the extensive Rockefeller estates can bring you back in time to the Gilded Era. Also, for fans of the historical railroads, there’s Lyndhurst in Tarrytown, once the majestic home of a baron of the railroads. History is on full show here and is a world away from the always-bustling New York.

Day Trip from Charleston to Kiawah Island

While the delightful Charleston has an upmarket vibe and plenty to see and do, one of the barrier islands just 25 miles off its coast, Kiawah Island, makes for an interesting day trip. It has many miles of beaches to enjoy, several golf courses, and tennis for the more active visitor. There is also a popular tour to take on a kayak across the salt marshes.

While we think of America as vast and widely dispersed, that’s not always the case. There are plenty of day trips that are possible when you are more limited for time.