The AC50 Maxoak Bluetti 500w Power Station Review

Our time as a family travelling Europe in a motorhome, can be split easily into two clear experiences. Before we discovered the AC50 Maxoak Bluetti 500w Power Station and after it arrived and changed our lives.

Travelling in a modest, elderly vehicle with few mod cons and with two older children, it meant providing enough power and charge for the seemingly endless devices was tough. We had a generator with us, to shoulder as much of the burden as possible, but generators are far from idea when long term travelling. They are loud, unsociable, and not environmentally friendly. We soon discovered it was absolutely against camp site etiquette to run a generator, in fact many campsites ban the use of them completely. Suddenly, we would find ourselves with a sad looking pile of phones, kindles, portable TV’s, laptops, cameras and go pros all without charge.

We school our kids on the road and so as well as the importance of the entertainment provided by the devices, they are also crucial for education and research. The children follow an online curriculum, as well as attending Skype tutoring sessions, so the laptops need to be fully charged daily. Plus, I research many of my lessons online prior to teaching, and sourcing and printing worksheets from our wireless printer is a seemingly endless task.

So, we would find ourselves having to pay the sites often extortionate electricity hook up prices, a cost we could ill afford on such a regular basis. On the nights we were lucky enough to find somewhere beautiful to free – camp, it seemed utterly wrong to ruin the peace and tranquillity with a loud, harshly vibrating generator. The local wildlife certainly would not have been impressed either.

Basically, keeping our devices charged and working was much harder than we had anticipated and frankly, it caused countless arguments and put untold stress and pressure on us as parents.

The day we heard about the AC50

One day, while we were enjoying a wonderful day on the beach in Almeria and we had linked up with some other world – schooling families. While we chatted, I began to moan about our on- going charging and power issues. We’d had a particularly difficult few days as there had been storms at our camp site and so hook up was out of the question. Therefore, virtually all our devices were out of charge and the children had missed their tutoring sessions. Plus, arguably a much worse situation was that I could not get my Netflix fix. Bad times.

One of the fathers mentioned the AC50 Maxoak Bluetti 500w Power Station and how it had literally changed their lives. We could not wait to catch a glimpse of this object of wonder. We all bundled over to his motorhome to take a look.

Features and specs of the AC50

The features and specs of the AC50 Maxoak Bluetti 500w Power Station are extremely impressive.

For the techie amongst us it is a 500Wh/300W(Peak 450W) Power Station:45Ah, 11.1V,high capacity lithium solar generator for small appliances (Max.300W).

It boasts a built in auto-level 3c rated battery cell and hence has a higher discharge rate, lower heat and is therefore safer and more stable than the ordinary battery cores. When traveling in a small enclosed space like a motorhome this offers great peace of mind. The cycle life is 1000+.

It offers 3 convenient charging options. Solar, in – car and AC.

It is noise-free, offers zero emissions and is therefore eco-friendly, which crucial in this day and age. Finally, this awesome bit of kit is lightweight and portable, which is so important in a small and crowded motorhome.

The full list of features and specifications of AC50 Maxoak Bluetti can be found on the Maxoak website along with many excellent and impressive customer reviews.

Where to buy it

It became clear very quickly that we simply couldn’t survive any longer without one of these power stations in our lives. However, ordering things that you need whilst on the road can be difficult and complicated.

Our experience ordering the AC50 Maxoak Bluetti 500w Power Station through Amazon couldn’t have been easier.  You can buy through Amazon US (and use the code MAXOAK100 to get $12 off) or go to Amazon UK and use the code 4JHUJSDE for £40 off.

We arranged for delivery at the camp site we were staying at and it was there within days. It’s a very easy to use, stylish and compact machine.

We charge it during the day, whilst we are on the road, using our in-car charging socket. It then quietly and subtly gets to work charging and running all our equipment.

Why this has been so lifesaving

We have found its so lightweight and portable ( size 11.6 x 7.5 x 7.7”  and weighing only 13.6 Ibs) that we end up taking it with us for days on the beach and similar. The handle, with its foldable design supports space saving, but also you have ease of travel once the handle is out and in use. With the power station with us it is on hand to charge my daughters Go pro, my sons drone, the under water camera and I am able to quietly play my favourite music from my phone whilst I make lunch, without the worry of running down my phone battery.

Another excellent and clever feature is the LED lighting which has three modes: half bright, full bright, and SOS flashing. You can switch it on with just one press of the led lighting button. It is designed for outdoor illumination and for emergency help.

If you opt for the solar charging option is worth noting that the MPPT solar charge mode has a much higher charge efficiency at 99.5%.You connect it to a compatible solar panel to recharge whenever there is enough sunlight. Obviously, charge time depends on the strength of the sunlight and the power(watt) of the solar panel. (solar panel not included).

Its so user friendly, for amateurs and professionals alike and we have recommended it to everyone we meet on our travels.

It has made our entire travelling experience better in so many ways. We were on the verge of having to give up on our long term travel dream as we simply couldn’t manage without a constant source of reliable power. Thanks to the AC50 Maxoak Bluetti 500w Power Station we are loving our adventures more than ever and we highly recommend this excellent and life changing product.





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