6 Summer Home Updates You Should Consider

Summer is officially here, which means it’s time to make some changes at home. After a winter indoors, your house deserves a new and fresher look that matches the joys of the season.

Do a spring cleaning

Here’s something that may sound like an excuse if you are a Monica Geller type of person, but that is actually true: in winter, we clean worse. Even if you keep your cleaning habits during the darker months of the year, the lack of light simply doesn’t help. But when the sun comes out again, all those corners that we forgot about during autumn and winter suddenly call our attention. How did I not see the amount of dust gathering here?

So, now, it’s time to do a spring cleaning – if you haven’t done one in spring, as its name suggests. Get rid of clutter, get the mop and leave your house shiny. It’s also the perfect time to clear out your cupboards if you are doing a wardrobe change.

Replace heavy fabrics with lighter materials

High temperatures, holidays and plenty of hours of sun call for us to get rid of the blankets and heavy blackout curtains. It’s time for fresh air and sunlight to enter the house, but you will obviously still need some protection from prying eyes. Gauzy, sheer curtains give you the same privacy as heavy-duty curtains but allow the rooms to breathe.

As for other fabric elements, such as blankets or rugs, you simply won’t need them in summer. It’s best to give them a wash and put them back in the cupboard until the colder months come back. This won’t only make your house look more summery, but it will help with allergies, as dust mites (who live in carpets, blankets, pillows, mattresses, etc.) will not find where to live in the months when they thrive.

Bring in the greenery

So you’ve got rid of the clutter, you have removed heavy fabrics and now you find yourself with a lot more room than you thought you had. So, what do you do to fill the void?

You get some plants and flowers.

The best part of summer is spending time in nature, but, unfortunately, you can’t ALWAYS be outside. By bringing plants in, you are introducing a piece of nature in your home. They add freshness, colour and texture to any room, whether they are real plants, faux or just print.

However, if you are going to add new plants to your home and you have pets or little children, make sure you are buying non-toxic plants.

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Move the furniture

Think about how your lifestyle changes from winter to summer. You probably spend less time inside, you may receive your guests in the back garden instead of the living room, and your children might play outside or go out with their friends more often (or bring friends with them!). The way your home (especially your living room and garden) is laid out should adapt to those changes.

Nothing changes the look of a room as moving furniture around. Whether you have your sofa in front of the fireplace in winter and under the window in summer, every time you move it you will feel the room is more spacious. Take advantage of that and play with it according to your needs and those of your family.

Get ready for the winter

With good weather and many hours of sunlight, summer is the perfect time to do refurbishment works that are, let’s say, uncomfortable to undertake in winter. For example, you may want an engineer to check your heating system and maybe replace your heaters in summer (the radiators at Trade Radiators have great value for money), fix some leaks (you may want to read these 8 tips to stop plumbing leaks) or clean the roof. Prevention is the easiest way to avoid potential issues that may leave you without heating in winter.