Staycation Ideas In London You Must Know

Almost everyone thinks that vacations are all about packing things up and visiting another country. But most of us end up understanding that going to a foreign country isn’t feasible because of time and money availability. So what should we do then? Give up on the idea of visiting cool places? If you think about it, you don’t have to visit any other country at all! There are tons of cool places and hotels like the Grand Royale Hotel London that we overlook. If you spend most of the time indoors and want to enjoy yourself with your family, this article shows you the five places in London that you must visit!


1.      Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a popular staycation location for people as it packs so much fun. Portobello markets are in full bloom on Saturday. You can find a ton of stalls selling next to EVERYTHING for everyone in the family. The place of the world’s 2nd biggest carnival, Notting Hill, allows you to feel the vibrancy of London culture. Several hotels serve nice food, and there are so many dishes that one simply can’t try them all! And don’t worry about accommodation as there are several hotels with superb bedrooms where you can stay with your family!

2.      London’s Vaping District

London is a city where you can find people from all walks of life enjoying their precious time on earth to the fullest. You and your family should know about them, right? While you might be thinking that there is no need for you and your family to visit a fun vaping space, you might be wrong. Vaping is on the rise in the UK, and you should be aware of how the vaping community looks like. Most of the vaping enthusiasts are recovering smokers, so you and your family are there to get many motivational stories. You should not try vaping if it’s not your cup of tea, but you must know about how a shop looks!

3.      Kensington

What if Christmas is near and you want to spend some royal time with your family? If your answer is yes, then Kensington is the best place for you and your family. The National History Museum packs so many things for you to learn. There are elegant townhouses that take you back into the old, majestic London. Shopping is better here than in other parts of London city, and dining is just marvelous! The Ampersand Hotel is one of the famous hotels in the Kensington area.

4.      Shoreditch

If you are interested in arts and want to appreciate it in real life other than watching movies, then visiting Shoreditch is a must! This area is brimming with the creativity of local artists. Everything in there is “Hip,” and there are no bounds on creativity and imagination. You can hang out with people here who are skilled artists and want to pursue it as a career path. Your kids here can broaden their imagination and get to eat the best food in the city. Montcalm Hotel is a famous choice for staycationers in Shoreditch.

5.      Marylebone

What if you want to spend your staycation visiting the best shopping stores and buying things to your heart’s content? Marylebone is the chic area of London that people know for a shipping experience that isn’t found anywhere in London. The buildings of Gregorian time reflect the luxury of this area and make it look very awesome. This place is also home to the Langham Hotel that has marked its name in the history of Marylebone. There are plenty of museums and art galleries that rev the hearts of visitors, and children especially. And if you want to get closer to nature after a ton of shopping, Primrose Hill is waiting for you!