6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home Office (According to Cleaning Professionals)

Being a working parent has its perks: providing for your family, guiding your children, and watching them grow. But it also has its challenges, particularly when it comes to working from home with kids out and about the house. My home office would be such a mess, that I couldn’t get any work done or find my focus.


So, I went onto the Luce Office website and found tips on how to spruce up my home office. Luce is an office cleaning service in Singapore that generously provides cleaning tips and tricks in their blog, and following their simple steps made my workstation so much brighter and cleaner!




Reduce Dust

With kids around the house, dust is a big problem especially during allergy season (which is basically all seasons now). The home office is a pretty active location during the weekdays, but dust settles around during the weekends. A lot of this dust comes from outside the house too, as no matter how much we wipe them away, they keep coming back.


One helpful tip I found that reduces dust around the office is to use a damp, microfiber cloth to wipe away the grime. Apparently, the microfibers pull dirt away from the surface, and the water traps dust so they don’t go back into your workspace.


Another helpful tip from end-of-tenancy cleaning reading is to use a damp and a microfiber cloth to wipe away the grime.



Clean Your Carpeted Floors

Wooden and marble floors are pretty easy to clean – just mop and you’re done! Carpets, on the other hand, are trickier since I can’t just remove the carpet and put it in the laundry machine. The blog offered these hacks for cleaning and deodorizing carpets. Just sprinkle baking soda, scrub it in a little, and vacuum it up.


Baking soda apparently acts like a magnet, drawing out dirt into clumps that are easier to vacuum up. Our home office carpet never looked brighter, and it made the entire room feel light and productive too.




Add Lights and Plants

Adding some natural elements like lights and plants makes the home office feel less of a prison, and more of an energetic space. Both live and artificial plants bring much-needed natural elements into the workspace, causing you to feel less stressed and more motivated to work.


Lights come in many forms, from natural light to daylight light bulbs. You’ll need to check with the aesthetic of your room for the most suitable lighting for you, but my go-to would always be natural light. Keep your windows clean so light can shine through and brighten up your room.



Declutter and Disinfect Your Station

Clutter is unavoidable when you live in a house with kids. Kids can get into the home office and make a mess of your work desk. It’s always a good idea to declutter your work station, and make sure that you return your items in their proper place. Organize your files, and keep them out of reach of children. Make sure to remove kids’ toys from your work station as well.


Disinfecting is more of a health issue than for aesthetics, but it’s important for your motivation just the same. Knowing that you’re in a clean, sterile environment can give you the assurance to get your work done.




Improve Air Quality

Did you know that your air conditioner has a filter that you need to clean monthly to maintain good air quality? Having a good, clean air circulation around your home office can do wonders in clearing your head to tackle what you need to do for the day. Most filters can be easily taken out and cleaned with some soap and water. Dry it first before placing it back into the AC unit.


An air purifier really helps clear out the dust particles in the air, which is great for preventing allergies for the whole family. However, the HVAC filter needs to be cleaned or replaced every 6 months so the dust doesn’t build up in the machine.




Clean Your Coffee Machine

Imagine starting off your work day with the smell of freshly brewed coffee from the coffee maker. The coffee maker is a sure MVP in our household, and it provides us with the energy we need to power through the day. Cleaning out the coffee machine in the home office means more than just wiping it down.


Since we no longer share a coffee machine with other people, coffee tends to stay in the machine and gets stale by the end of the day. Regular cleaning removes the coffee residue left behind, as well as any chalky water stains from using tap water. A trick I learned was to place vinegar into the water reservoir, and running the coffee maker without beans to clean out its pipes. We do this around every two weeks, and our coffee always comes out fresh and crisp!

Keep Your Home Office Professional

Just because you’re working from home, does not mean you can stay casual. Keep your home office professional by cleaning it up, and making sure everything is in its proper place. This way, you get to focus more on your work, rather than the mess around you.