Trying out the Simba Hybrid Mattress – Review (AD)

We have recently been trying out the Simba Hybrid mattress, it’s a combination of memory foam and Simba’s “unique, patented titanium Aerocoil® spring-comfort layer”.  So the best of both worlds.

simba mattress review


The mattress on our bed is a bit of a controversial marital subject in our house. We first moved here almost 15 years ago and had a new bed and mattress then.  It was a lovely comfortable mattress and we both liked it.  A decade then passed (!) and the mattress really needed replacing, but with one thing and another we were never in a financial position to be able to replace it, and besides Mr W loved it.  By the end, my side had eight (yes, eight!) springs coming through.  I had to put two towels under my bottom sheet but occasionally in the night these would move and I’d get spiked!  Mr W never got spiked so was more reluctant to get a new mattress when his side was so comfy!  



simba mattress review


Eventually, he gave in and we bought a memory foam mattress.  Now, I loved this mattress, it was soft and sort of hugged around you.  Mr W hated it!  He said it made his shoulders ache and never stopped bemoaning the loss of the ancient spiky mattress.  After a couple more years of listening to him moan, when the chance to try out the Simba Hybrid came up, I agreed to let the other soft mattress go.

Simba Mattress Review

The Simba Mattress was delivered.  It comes rolled up in a large box, and is heavy but manoeuvrable through doors and up staircases.  This was perfect for us as we have a huge superking bed in a small loft room right at the top of the house.  You open the box, place the mattress on the bed and then remove the plastic holding it in place.  It’s clearly a Tardis mattress and vacuum shrunk as it starts increasing in size as soon as it is in place.  The mind boggles at how large it is on the bed compared to how small it was in the box!

simba mattress review

Now, I know you want to know if this mattress solved our mattress arguments.  Mr W loved it from the start.  The combination of springs and memory foam was perfect for him.  In honesty, the first night I slept on it, I hated it.  After a week I hated it a lot less, and after a fortnight I couldn’t tell that it wasn’t my old mattress that I loved.  So, yes, now we are both happy with our mattress, we are sleeping well and no-one is moaning!  The Simba mattress comes with a 200 night guarantee – if you don’t love it, they will collect it from your house and refund you if it is within the first 200 nights of owning it.  So trying it is risk free.  


We were sent this mattress for the purposes of this review, as always all opinions are my own.



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