Reasons to Prepare for 220-1001 Exam and Get CompTIA A+ Certification by Using Practice Tests

CompTIA is the leading non-profit tech and research association that also certifies professionals with vendor-neutral IT certifications. It has validated the skills and knowledge of more than 2 million professionals in a span of 2 decades. CompTIA credentials are globally known and respected due to their relevancy in the industry. Some of the popularly known certifications include:

  • CompTIA Fundamentals+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA CySA+

CompTIA certification program requires the candidates to pass qualifying exams to be properly validated. As a result, professionals assessed by CompTIA have adept skills and knowledge to provide real-life solutions read now.

This way, analyzing 220-1001 exam is a perfect way to attain a clear insight into the CompTIA A+ certification overview.

CompTIA 220-1001 Updated Exam Outline

Hence, 220-1001 exam is the hot cake in the CompTIA certification program. It is the updated 1000 core series’ test developed to introduce the innovative standards for IT support specialists. Herewith, if you want to acquire the valuable CompTIA A+ badge, the rare IT certification with performance-based exam questions, you can still pass either 220-901 and 220-902, or the new core series 220-1001 and 220-1002assessments.

So, the newly introduced CompTIA 220-1001 is a performance-based exam that consists of 90 questions which should be completed within 90 minutes. It is recommended to have at least 9-months experience of the lab- or fieldwork.

220-1001 exam validates the knowledge of:

  • Networking technology
  • Hardware
  • Mobile devices
  • Network troubleshooting, and
  • Virtualization and Cloud computing.

Also, as part of the registration process, candidates are expected to pay a fee of $219.

Reasons for 220-901 Replacement

Being certified is very important for every career. The professionals in the technology industry are supposed to have upgraded skills and knowledge because the invention and innovation never cease to happen. As a world leader in the technology industry, CompTIA has developed 220-1001 because of the following major reasons:

  1. Industry Demands

Certifications prove that professionals are conversant with the technology trends widely applied in the industry. CompTIA updates its exams to equip candidates with the most relevant skills that are currently in -demand in IT. The employers in the job market also hire candidates who have upgraded their knowledge and skills in their area of expertise. This way, the CompTIA 220-1001 exam covers every trending technology aspect which a networking specialist should know to update their skills.

  1. Some Expertise Is Becoming Obsolete

IT industry professionals should always find a way to facilitate configuring, troubleshooting and managing technology devices. The discoveries and inventions usually aim at simplifying the way people interact with computer systems. Therefore, some skills are no longer used in the market and it is necessary to master new ones by taking exams such as CompTIA 220-1001.

  1. Employment Prospects

To stand out in a community of professionals, you need to possess the updated certification relevant to the front-end industry trends. Many individuals who do not possess certification rarely get employed because they have no proof of their skills and knowledge. You can show that you have a profound knowledge of the latest technologies by passing 220-1001 exam. Therefore, the replacement of the exam is also a technique of preparing professionals for future roles in IT.

  1. Industry Standards and Future Market Analysis

The corporation analyzes the future opportunities and roles which the professionals can take, thus, introducing a new exam implies the skills covered will be in demand shortly. All CompTIA certifications comply with the ANSI accreditation to show that it meets the minimum requirements of the industry. As part of the ANSI requirements, CompTIA updates its exams based on the dynamic technology changes that meet the latest trends in the reshaping technologies.

Make Your Preparation Easy with Exam-Labs

Passing a certification exam is not a walk in the park, but Exam-Labs has made efficient and thorough study so easy! It is the leading platform that offers you everything you need to pass 220-1001 exam from the first attempt. Some of the top prep materials you can simply access from the training platform include:

  • Study guides –this should be a starting point for every candidate who is intending to pass 220-1001 exam. It gives you a picture of what you are expected to know before sitting for the actual test.
  • Video courses – it is a perfect option for candidates who want to gain hands-on experience in hardware or software troubleshooting and administration because the visual aspects are developed by qualified instructors.
  • Practice exams –this gives you a perfect opportunity to get familiar with 220-1001 questions being uploaded by real exam takers.They are the best option to revise the learned material, find the gaps in your knowledge and focus on them. In addition, you get the insight of what is waiting for you at the real exam.
  • VCE Player is ideal testing software to gauge your readiness for the exam because you can create, edit and take the exam in a way that is similar to the actual assessment. You can choose the number of questions, their sequence and see your final score!
  • IT blogs –technology evolves dynamically, and the top vendors such as CompTIA permanently update their certifications and exams programs. Therefore, you’ll be always at the forefront of advanced IT information and knowledge with Exam-Labs.
  • CompTIA preparation options –the IT vendor is caring aboutits specialists’ proficiency and surely wishes to upgrade their skills, as well. This way, don’t be shy and attempt for various learning possibilities open for you. Applicants can follow this advice and train with the CompTIA A+ study guide, or explore the eLearning platform with any-place-you-like studying. Here, feel free to discover numerous study options at the CompTIA site!

Promotion and Career Prospects

Willing to be qualified with the invaluable CompTIA A+ credential, you are undeniably investing in your future, as you’ll be able to compete for such positions as:

  • Associate Network Engineer
  • System Support Specialist
  • Help Desk Tech

As PayScale informs, CompTIA A+ certified professionals earn a median hourly salary of $19.82.


The world needs many professionals having exquisite knowledge in Information Technology. Earning yourself the CompTIA A+ certification qualifies you to various IT roles and opens various doors to you.

Get prepared with Exam-labs practice tests and CompTIA website prep materials and see the enlightened prospects emerging ahead with the success in 220-1001 exam!

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