What goes into having a display at a prestigious garden show?

Nowhere in the world does garden shows better than the UK – from out of this world show gardens, bright blooms, and the occasional royal appearance, they are a staple in British culture. Some of the most popular include the Harrogate Spring Flower Show, which is well known for its spectacular flower displays, alongside Chelsea Flower Show which is a royal favourite and an iconic show in the calendar. There is something to do and see for all ages, and can not only be a fun day out but equally educational. Here are a few tips on getting your display ready for the next show…

Bushes and shrubs

Bushes and shrubs are the perfect addition to your garden, to increase privacy. Choose from plants such as Cherry Laurel to add beauty as well as to maintain sufficient privacy – they can grow quickly providing they receive enough sun. Or opt for all-year-round privacy plants such as Every green, which boasts gorgeous white blooms in spring. We recommend purchasing a pruning saw to save time in maintaining your plants, and ensure they are looking tidy all year round. Bushes and Shrubs can therefore be a great addition to your display, as they are popular and versatile.


Plan ahead

Although it may be obvious to point out that flowers don’t grow overnight – this is very important to factor into your display, and ensure that all plants and flowers are looking their best in time for the big day. We recommend planning 12 months in advance, to give yourself time to perfect your produce. Take a trip to this year’s shows, and begin to formulate initial ideas and take inspiration for the following year. For Chelsea Flower Show, ideas must be submitted mid-august the year prior, so begin getting a plan in place now.

Apply for a trade stand

Why not further enhance your experience and apply for a trade stand at the show? Not only is this a great opportunity to further show off your work, but it can also allow you to earn money at the show, and offset some of the costs incurred. For more information and to apply for a trade stand, visit the RHS website.  

Have a theme

Make your garden more attractive by playing on current trends and incorporating them into your display. A lot of the prestigious shows have a theme, for example, this year the Chelsea flower show is ‘wild and natural space’. Even if the show you are attending doesn’t have a theme, it can be good to select one yourself to base the display around, to create a vision and provide further inspiration.