Planning for a Family Ski Trip

Before we had the kids, Mr Wonders went skiing a lot.  In fact he took a trip to Val d’Isère just after we met (I was very envious).  I have only ever been skiing once and that was in the early nineties.  We went to a rather basic hotel in Borovets in Bulgaria and oh my goodness was it basic!  I ended up with terrible food poisoning and hardly did any skiing!  So it is all the more important that our first skiing trip as a family is completely perfect!  I have been researching ski jackets and have come across a fabulous range from Protest for ski jackets for men and women.


I quite fancy this yellow Becca fitted women’s ski jacket, I would certainly be visible on the slopes (so that more experienced skiers could avoid me!  Made using recycled polyester, the jacket is part of Protest’s PVRE Green series which combines “green design with technical know-how”.

Protest also do a cracking range of fleeces for women.  Coming from the North of England, we send a great deal of time in fleeces anyway, so these are always good investments and can be used all year round, and not just for skiing.

I like the look of this stripy Cassie fleece in blue and white – it looks so cosy!  It’s a mid-layer made from heavy weight fleece.

For Mr W, I am thinking of this backflip anorak man’s snowboard jacket.  I like the different colours in it (indeed it rather reminds me of a Neopolitan ice cream!).

It has 10K water resistance and 10g breathability, looks like suede with a slight sheen to it.  It also goes up to a size XXL.

I just need to get myself to our local indoor ski slopes now to actually learn to ski.  I know the kids will pick it up quickly, but I think sledging might be more my style!  Otherwise perhaps we should book a hotel with a spa so I can relax in a nice hot tub while Mr W and the kids whizz down the slopes!



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