5 must have items to have in your garden

The rain has been torrential, so it feels almost laughable to talk about summer. However, spring is almost upon us, and those jobs you’ve been planning to get your home ready are hanging over you. Get ahead of the game by preparing your outdoor space sooner rather than later. But how do you make it the space you want it to be?

There is so much choice of garden accessories that it can be overwhelming. Should you hire a gardener? What style do you choose? What are this season’s must-have items? Fortunately, we are here to help and have picked out our top 5 for the most stylish gardens this summer. Read on to find out what they are…

  1. Summer house

A lowly shed won’t cut the mustard this season; the summer house is where it’s at in the gardening world. This may sound grander (and more expensive) than it needs to as well because now you can get a summer house for an affordable price in durable materials which will be easy to maintain and will last for years. Aston Sheds UK say; summer house is a glorified shed and with the right internal styling, can even be multi-functional. Put some storage units in which could double as seating, and your tools can still have a tidy home. Add in a bar area, some attractive soft furnishings and warm lighting and you have the perfect indoor-outdoor additional reception room to retreat to or entertain guests in.

  1. Swinging egg chair

What was once a kitsch feature consigned to the annals of 70s history, a swinging egg chair is this season’s desirable accessory. Your teens and guests would love it, and you’ll no doubt end up fighting over it. It’s the perfect place to curl up with a book or survey your surroundings with a mild breeze and the sun on your face.

  1. Garden sofa

No longer must we suffer faded and stained plastic picnic chairs, now we can enjoy all the comfort of our lounge sofa in the outdoors too. Choose a garden sofa to recline on, snooze on, read on, play cards on and spend time together getting some fresh air. Many have a guaranteed minimum lifespan and you can get them in a variety of finishes to suit the rest of your garden.

  1. Patio dining set

Nothing screams holiday-vibe like al fresco dining. Whether that be your morning coffee and croissant, a picnic style lunch or evening meal cooked fresh on the barbecue. But nothing would ruin it quicker than uncomfortable, unattractive and damaged dining furniture so replace yours before the summer hits.

  1. Playhouses

If you have little ones or an extended family filled with little ones, a playhouse can be a thing of pure joy. And the adults might even get some fun out of it too! Having a place they can call their own is the start of many adventures and gives the perfect opportunity for kids to expand their imagination by making up their scenarios. Watch their minds blossom like your flowers with a playhouse to entertain them.

Please don’t leave it until the last minute to update your outdoor space with this year’s must-have items. Not only do you risk them selling out, but you may also end up paying over the odds are never getting around to completing your look! Summer will be here before you know it, so don’t get caught short.