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How to get your money back if your holiday is cancelled

How to get your money back if your holiday is cancelled

With all this worry about companies going into liquidation I thought this infographic was very useful! We all know it’s a possibility when we book a trip away but like most other not so nice things that *could* happen we never think it’s going to happen to us. Now hopefully you never have to deal with your holiday being cancelled but if you’re one of those unlucky few who has found themselves in this situation, don’t panic. 

Whether it was because of an untimely company collapse or an administration error with the holiday company, it doesn’t have to be a complete disaster. The main thing you can do now is make sure you get back as much money as you can so you aren’t at a loss and once you’ve been refunded you might even be able to re-book a similar trip so you don’t miss out on the break I’m sure you were looking forward to. A good place to start this process now is the infographic just below, as it covers a range of possible situations you may be in with advice to get you started.


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