Five Tips for Planning and Packing for A Long Road Trip This Summer

It’s the holiday season: motorways will be packed, and driving will be stressful if you’re going on a long road trip. But there are ways that you can ease this for yourself. From packing well to planning your trip carefully, you can always make a long road trip more manageable. Below, we explore five tips to help you prepare for a road trip this summer.

The busiest motorways

For a start, it can help to know the busiest motorways. You might want to change your route and avoid them, or at least prepare for some difficult driving. The busiest route in the UK is on the M4, linking Heathrow Airport with junction 15. Meanwhile, junction 14 to 15 on the M40 is also incredibly busy. Finally, the stretch of the M1 near Hemel Hempstead also experiences heavy traffic. If you’re driving along any of these motorways, you’ll need to be alert.

Pack essentials

For a start, you should carefully make sure you’ve packed all your essentials. You’ll need all your car’s official documents in case you’re stopped. Plus, you’ll want to bring a first aid kit and a flashlight in case of an emergency. Meanwhile, it can also help if you bring food and water to keep you and your family fuelled during the journey. On top of this, you should pack all the other essentials you know you’ll need after your road trip during your holiday.

Pack comforts

Packing some comforts and entertainment can also make your road trip more tolerable. Sunglasses and a hat can make driving much easier on a hot, sunny day. Meanwhile, your electronic gadgets can keep your children busy during your road trip or allow you to listen to some entertainment – be it a podcast or music – as you drive.

Car maintenance checks

There are some essential car maintenance checks you should carry out too. Firstly, if you haven’t got car insurance, you should take out temporary car insurance to cover you during your road trip. On top of this, you should check your fuel and oil levels before the trip. It’s worth checking your tyres too: this involves checking the air pressure as well as the tread through the penny test.

Rest well

Finally, it’s worth remembering to rest well. It can be tiring driving for hours during a long road trip, so you must enter the day fresh and ready to go.

A long summer road trip can be stressful if you’re not adequately prepared. But by following the guide above, you should be all set to smoothly progress towards your destination.