How to Ensure Longevity of Tyres

Taking care of our tyres can be a tough job to do especially in the middle of our busy routines.

Car tyres are one of the most important parts of any vehicular transport that requires the most care. Their importance demands that they must be kept in operational and immaculate condition at all times.


Maintaining long life of tyres accrues multiple benefits. Most important aspect is economics. Well kept tyres not only help avoid early replacement but also save time for repairs due to damage in addition providing necessary protection to the body and other vehicular parts.


Here are a few tips which will help you achieve long life of your vehicle tyres:


  1. Always maintain correct Tyre Pressure. Especially embarking upon a long journey or over rough terrain. Tyre pressure is also important in case your vehicle is loaded in an abnormal way


  1. Always keep your tyres clean


  1. Avoid driving over rough surfaces. If unavoidable, maintain a slower speed


  1. Always abide by the traffic speed limits as laid down. These speed limits are meant to prevent damage to your tyres in addition to ensuring general safety


  1. Carryout periodical regular inspection of your tyres to detect any short fall requiring remedial action


  1. Park your vehicle in shade as far as possible. Long exposure to sun and rain etc can cause early wear and tear


  1. Never allow damage to tyre treads while repairing punctures. Always go for internal repairs instead of penetration of repair material from outside


  1. Last but not the least, remove your tyres and keep them in store if vehicle has to be parked for longer duration


Above mentioned measures are a few of many that your vehicle brochure will advise you for well being of your vehicle tyres. Make it a point to read it with care.


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