How to Help Your Child Learn New Words in a Creative Way

Making your kid do something they don’t want to and don’t find entertaining is always a challenging task. Especially when you want them to do something that slightly reminds me of studying. This happens even with very young kids just because they will associate studying with something boring and will immediately refuse to participate. But you can make learning fun. Here are a couple of ideas on how to make learning words a fun activity that your child will enjoy. 

Read stories with crazy and fun-sounding words

Most of the time, people would try to teach kids new words by just showing them random objects or even, in a worse case, with a vocabulary. Can you imagine a kid that will have fun when they see a huge dusty book? Of course, you can’t, but what if the book is not dusty and full of magic and amusement? There are many children’s books that are created with the intent to teach kids new interesting words and such that will even sound funny to them. 


If your kid is interested in the story that you are reading or just telling them if you decide to invent it on your own, then they will surely be open to learning some new words. So, try to find a book with some new useful words but also some that might sound just interesting to your little one. You should admit that “bumfuzzle” sounds much better than just saying “confused.” But like that, your kid will learn some rarely used words and their more commonly used synonyms. And they will do it with pleasure.

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Try to play word games

Word games are another option to make your kid learn new games while having fun. Some kids are very competitive and will do everything in their power to win any game. Introducing them to Scrabble or another similar game might motivate them to learn new words. On top of that, this will help them practice their spelling while having fun with friends or you.


For some younger kids, playing games where they need to build words only using random letters might be a bit complicated. But many tools can help them, just like the Wordle solver for newbies. With such tools, you can show them how they can practice finding rare words that will bring them many additional points and will astonish their friends. And let’s be honest, even as adults, we need such tools from time to time to win a very competitive game of Scrabble. 


You can also play different word games that won’t require any equipment. You can try to play “I spy with my little eye” or “Caterpillar words.” You probably have heard about the first game, but in a nutshell, you should make your kid describe an object from the room you are in and guess which object they are describing. The “Caterpillar words” game is fun for kids because they need to come up with a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word someone said. 


Pretend to be songwriters

Kids love singing, so why not try to come up with your own songs using all the words you know and learn some new ones? When your little one tries to find a word that rhymes, they might need your help with learning more and more words that they can use. Like that your kid will feel like they are a songwriter who will create the newest hit that everyone will sing in the car and take the task pretty seriously.


You can start by explaining to them the conception of a song album and that each song should focus on a specific topic. Like that, they might start coming up with first with the titles of the songs and what they will be focused on, like animals, plans, weather, emotions, etc. Then they should come up with the text and sing it to a melody they already know or a new one they will invent. For each topic, they will probably need to learn new words that will rhyme. 

Have conversations on different topics

This might right now seem like a stupid or boring idea. However, it will be boring only if you choose boring subjects to talk about. You can come up with different subjects and topics every day, and knowing your kid and their interest is linked to them. Let’s say your child is fascinated by the stars, then some really interesting and fascinating astrology terms might be something they would like to learn. 


Even daily talks with your kid might stimulate them to learn new words because they will want to expre4ss what they think and feel. When they don’t find the perfect word, you should help them by offering them options; like that, their vocabulary will grow very quickly. Also, this is a perfect bonding activity that will help you spend some quality time together and get to know your kid even better. 

Wrapping up

Learning new words can be very fun, and your kid won’t even consider it as learning. Try to turn it into a game or link it with topics your little one loves and can’t get enough of. Like this, they will be more than excited to learn some new cool terms.