Update on our Kitchen and New Entrance Extension

Now, if you are following my blog you might be aware that we are currently self building a single story extension.  It’s been a loooong work in progress as Mr W is doing all the work himself and there is a lot to do!  Add to that, we are very busy with our radiator cover business and the past year home-schooling the kids hasn’t helped!

So, I’ll give you a bit of a recap of what we are doing and where we are with it all.  We live in what was a farm worker’s cottage, the original kitchen at the back of the house was tiny and was subsequently extended sometime in the 80’s we think.  This made it larger but a long galley style.  We are building an extension to the side to effectively double the area.  As well as more kitchen space, this will provide a new entrance way with doors leading off it into a small downstairs loo, a utility room and a pantry.  The kitchen will become squarer with an island in the middle.  We also plan to make our own kitchen doors with the CNC we use to make the radiator covers.

The picture below shows the side of the kitchen with the old lean-to being demolished.

Below you can see the progress from last summer – the walls were going up!  The large opening on the left will be a large sash window.  We managed to bag this on Facebook marketplace for £80.  It’s triple glazed and with a bit of a sand and paint, will be like new!  The space on the right will be a wider than usual door with window lights on either side.  The door came courtesy of a builder on Ebay who took it out of someone else’s house when they extended.  It’s truly excellent quality and yet also only set us back £80.  It’s wider, taller and thicker than a normal door, but because we bought the door and window before we built we could build the opening to their measurements instead of making an opening then having to find windows and doors to fit.


Space being left for a large picture window and door

You can see where we got to last Autumn, the roof joists are all in place (you can sort of see that in this photo) and the garden is a mud pit!  At that point we needed to wait for a while and replenish our finances.  We were hoping to take advantage of the home insulation scheme grant but it didn’t really work out for us. 



We also considered remortgaging to finance our next stage of improvements.  I used this useful remortage calculator to see what effect that would have on our monthly payments.  In the end we decided just to wait until spring when we could save more money to do the roof.  So, here we are today and as I type, Mr W is currently up a ladder fixing down OSB to the roof.  

He is doing it in two parts.  Mainly because he needs to be quick in case it rains as we don’t want the insulation getting wet.  Tomorrow he will add rubber to this part of the roof.  So, there we have it.  Things are coming along nicely and we are saving money where we can.  Of course it would be much faster to pay someone else to do it but this way we can do things at a fraction of the price.  I’ll update again down the line when we are further on!


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