Discovering Hidden Gems in London

One of the most popular destinations in the world is the bustling city of London. Nearly 30 million tourists visit London every year to marvel at the magnificent architecture, to learn about the city’s rich history, and to hopefully catch a glimpse of the Royals. While these are amazing things to behold, we have a few suggestions for hidden gems in London for the kids where you can have some space from the crowds.  People often concentrate on Central London but there are lots of things to do in North London with kids too.


  1. Visit Charles Dickens Museum

Charles Dickens, one of the world’s greatest authors, lived and wrote some of his most famous books in London. From “Oliver Twist” to “David Copperfield,” readers from several generations have adored his writings.

If you would like to see the desk where he wrote his books, visit his family room, and see treasures and artifacts from his life, schedule some time to visit the Charles Dickens Museum on 48 Doughty Street. View special exhibitions, take part in a workshop, or watch live performances about Charles Dickens’ life. After your visit, stop by the cafe for lunch and be sure to pick up souvenirs from the gift shop.

  1. Stroll Through Isabella Plantation

See the natural side of London by visiting Isabella Plantation. The 40-acre woodland garden located in Richmond Park was first planted in 1830 and was opened to the public in 1953. Walk along the ponds and streams while viewing stunning, colourful evergreen azaleas in bloom. In addition to the numerous azaleas, you’ll find lovely camellias, native plants, and riparian wildlife that thrive along the banks of the streams and ponds.

  1. Bring the Kids to Shrek’s Adventure! London

When you’re travelling to London with the family, the kids will thoroughly enjoy visiting Shrek’s Adventure! Board the magical 4D bus, which is driven by Donkey, and meet Princess Fiona, see a fortune teller with her crystal ball, bump into Puss in Boots inside the Poison Apple Pub, walk through a maze of insanity, and then finally meet up with Shrek in the swamp. Don’t forget to get your picture taken with Shrek.

  1. Have a Glass of Wine Along the Canals of Little Venice

Enjoy a romantic afternoon or evening by visiting the canals of Little Venice. Hop on a boat that takes you through the canals where you’ll see beautiful Victorian houses with gardens that run down to the water. After your boat tour, walk along the canals to shop in the upscale boutique stores, visit art galleries, and have a romantic dinner with a glass of wine in one of the cafes along the walkways just off the canal.

London should definitely be on your must-see list, and we hope you enjoy visiting these wonderful sites in the city. Choose Next Vacay to help you find the best deals on aeroplane flights to London. This affordable subscription service sends you email alerts when they find the best flight deals from your home airport to your destination. It’s easy to use and helps take the stress out of vacation planning.

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