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Top 10 Cruises in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Top 10 Cruises in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. It is an island few hours away from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Limestone hills, mountains, caves and ridges emerge from the water at this site. This site is suitable for all kinds of people as it gives a soothing view, a chance to admire beauty and natural scenery. Apart from the view, Halong Bay also has many adventures and exciting activities to do. In fact, Halong Bay is one of the reasons why Vietnam attracts so many tourists.


The best way to go to Halong Bay is by cruise. Apart from taking you to the island, the cruise provides accommodation, luxury and leisure on the cruise. Here are the top 10 cruises for you where you can find the best cruise in Halong Bay.


Top 10 Cruises in Halong Bay

Top 10 Cruises of Halong Bay


  1. Mon Cheri Cruise:
    This cruise promises you to give you a peaceful and relaxing time in front of a beautiful view as well as take part in exciting and adventurous activities. The reason why this is on top of the list is because it is the only cruise at Halong Bay that serves Halal food and is certified by Halal Vietnam Association. The owner of this ship also has a large history of her charity works as she supported the Blue Dragon’s Children Foundation.


There are two cruises named Mon Cheri. One has 18 cabins and the other has 25 cabins, so both are large and spacious ships, with exclusive European interior. Furthermore, each cabin has its own private balcony for people to admire the beautiful view.


  1. Peony Cruise:
    Peony cruise has a restaurant, bar and spa built inside this ship. Due to these extra facilities, this cruise deserves to be on second position. The core color of the interior of the ship is red, which means that this cruise guarantees you royal service and treatment. There are 20 luxurious cabins on the cruise, each attached with its own private balcony and bathtub. The royalty of the cruise is highlighted from the reception area to your own cabin. This cruise also meets the Western standards of highest quality. The cruise promises you to have a wonderful and luxurious experience without any compromise on your budget.


  1. Paloma Cruise:
    Paloma Cruise comes with the promise that it will bring love, peace and happiness to every person who comes on board. Paloma itself means, “dove” in Spanish. It is built and designed as a symbol of Halong Bay and the highlights of the island can be seen in different parts of the cruise. It has an extremely large deck with deckchairs so that you can witness the soothing view and have a peace of mind. This cruise has 18 cabins with large windows. Paloma cruises is built with new shipbuilding technology with a drainage tank and hull shell making it probably, the safest cruise in Halong Bay.


A good thing about this cruise is that it stops at regular intervals and allows you to explore each site. Also, it takes you to the best sites and the places that are preferred by tourists.


  1. Era Cruises:
    Era Cruises is built and designed in such a way that it gives the customer the essence of Vietnam itself. Era Cruises is known for its hospitable and friendly staff and service. The cruise provides space and luxury and highest quality of the dining service. The cruise has 18 cabins, each with a Jacuzzi. The cruise also has a sun lounge and large windows installed in cabins to witness the beautiful view. Other services include skyline bar, fitness center and medical center.


  1. President Cruise:
    President Cruise has the most luxurious and modern design among all the cruises in Halong Bay. It is also the biggest of the all with 46 cabins. All the cabins have private balconies and are fully equipped with modern facilities. The cruise provides five star hotel standard services such as dry sauna, wonderful restaurant and massage and beauty centers. All the ships take you to see hills and caves but this cruise will take you to the interior part of Halong Bay as you will see floating and fisherman villages over there, getting familiar with the local’s lives.


  1. Orchid Cruise:
    The name of this cruise takes people back to the time when orchids used to fall on Halong Bay. Orchid cruise is elegantly designed and the interior is a perfect mixture of wooden furniture and marble flooring. Each cabin has a private balcony with a glass door and blackout curtains, giving the customers full privacy.


A good thing about this cruise is that it is a small one with 14 cabins. This means that the cruise will be less crowded than other cruises. It also takes a unique route to take you to Halong Bay so you get to witness different sites.

Top 10 Cruises in Halong Bay

  1. Swan Cruises:
    Swan Cruises is a three wooden boat. It is elegantly built and designed with local bamboo and wood. It is a smaller cruise with 9 cabins. Each cabin has large windows and is designed beautifully to provide customers full comfort ad relaxation. This cruise is suitable for you if you are here with your partner because it has a romantic dining room with special lightning. A date will be arranged for you with your loved one in front of one of the most famous islands in the world.


  1. Heritage Cruises:
    This cruise belongs to the Heritage Cruise Company. It was the first company to launch a 5 star cruise in the Red River and Gulf of Tonkin. It is built in a traditional style, highlighting the country’s history, art and culture. The specialty of this cruise is its staff. They operate in a fully professional and friendly way. They will be dimming the lights for you in your cabin and turning over the bed for you. Moreover, they will also be listening to your requests and requirements always.


  1. Scarlet Pearl Cruise:
    The name of this cruise is inspired by the pearl farming of Halong Bay. This cruise has 23 cabins and 4 different pearl-themed suites. Each cabin has its smart control system as this cruise supports ecotourism and does not want to harm the environment. Its cabins are made luxuriously and elegantly. Other special facilities include spa, fitness center and Jacuzzi.


  1. Glory Legend Cruise:
    If you want to have an economical tour to Halong Bay, this is the best cruise for you as it is a highly recommended 3 star cruise. It meets all international standards and designed in Vietnamese style, providing the customers a relaxing experience. The cruise has 22 cabins, with modern facilities. The staff enhances the experience with hospitality and friendliness.

Top 10 Cruises in Halong Bay

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