Classic 7 days in Dubai itinerary for all types of travellers

Planning a Dubai trip but don’t know how to plan your day? Let’s give you some idea about what you can try to do during your Dubai trip. We have skimmed over each day trying to give you a basic idea of what you should be doing. Use this list as a starting point for your research.


Day 1 – Visit the Burj!


Day 1 is all about getting your toes dipped into what this amazing city has to offer. Once you land, go to your hotel. Relax for a bit, freshen up and get some food into your belly. Now, you are ready to do some light sightseeing just to get a feel of what the city has to offer. It’s time to visit the Burj Khalifa. This building has become synonymous with Dubai. This majestic structure is the tallest building in the world and you have to see the stunning view from the 124th floor. You can book a tour for the 124th floor or go above and beyond to the 148th floor. The view from there is amazing. Besides, visiting the Burj, you can visit a couple of other spots around the city.


Day 2 – Check out Old Dubai


We recommend visiting Old Dubai on the first day. You can check out some nice spots and enjoy some tasty local food as you take a tour of the city. You can either pick a tour package or just plan a tour yourself using Google. There is the famous Coffee Museum which gives people a little history about the beverage and shows a variety of coffee from all over the world. You can walk around the bazaar and take a look at what the locals make. Maybe do a bit of shopping. There’s the Dubai Museum as well. We also recommend you take the Abra Ride which is sort of a boat ride.


Day 3 – Time to Checkout Downtown Dubai


Last day you had a nice time in Old Dubai. But now, it is time to visit the modern metropolis and see all that it has to offer. Let’s start with Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall is BIG! Yeah. You cannot check out everything in a single day so pick up some stuff you want to do. We suggest checking out the underwater zoo and aquarium and VR park. Besides the Burj, there’s another attraction that lets you get a good view of the city. It’s the Sky View. Check that place out. Then eat somewhere in the market next to the Dubai Mall and in the evening check out the Dubai Fountain.


Day 4 – Enjoy Ski Dubai and XLine Dubai


Ski Dubai is a place that has been built for people who love to ski. This is a cool indoor attraction that is kept at -4 Degree Celsius which gives people the opportunity to ski on the snow that the place provides. Besides Ski Dubai, another place that you can visit is XLine Dubai. This is for people who are into adventure sports. It’s basically a zipline from one point to another. The XLine Dubai boasts of being the swiftest urban zipline.


Day 5 – Enjoy a Desert Safari


On the 5th day of your trip, enjoy a desert safari. Desert safari is one of the most popular activities and on the bucket list of most tourists that visit Dubai. Most of the travel or tour packages you choose will have the desert safari on the list. This is meant to provide you with some middle eastern entertainment. You are basically taken to the desert. You will see only sand miles after miles. Now you drive up and down the sand dunes and it is a fun ride. There’s belly dancing included in some trips along with overnight stays and dinner. Desert safari is a must-try for people visiting Dubai.


Day 6 – Visit Abu Dhabi 


Dubai is probably one of the most popular cities in the Middle east. Whenever someone mentions the UAE people instantly think of Dubai. But despite its popularity, Dubai is not the capital of the UAE. It’s Abu Dhabi. And believe us when we say this no trip to Dubai is complete without a trip to the city of Abu Dhabi. This is one of the trips that you should definitely have on your list. Abu Dhabi is filled with decent tourist spots that you can visit and enjoy. We suggest you stay here for a day as you check out all the various spots like the Grand Mosque. The Ferrari World and the Warner Bros World are two of the most popular adventure parks. If you want you can spend the next day in Abu Dhabi enjoying one of the adventure parks.


Day 7- Keep it Light But Unique


Now that you have experienced most of the things we suggest keeping it light but uniquely pleasant on the last day. Search for some of the unique activities to partake in in Dubai. If you haven’t already check out the man-made island, the palm and visit a beach to relax. You can also take a balloon ride early in the morning. In the evening, you can enjoy a nice dinner on a Dhow Cruise.


So, that was the 7 days itinerary that anyone can enjoy in Dubai. As a note, the XLine Dubai and Ski Dubai can be skipped if you are not into that and spend two days in Abu Dhabi. One day, enjoying the city and all the spots and the other day in the Adventure park. Happy travelling.