The ultimate checklist for bike maintenance

Many of us have become more environmentally-conscious over the years, especially when it comes to transportation. The bicycle is a favourite option for many, so it’s important to keep our bikes in top condition and learn about the basics of bike maintenance.

Biking industry set to boom

With the cost of living crisis resulting in rising fuel prices, more and more commuters will be locking their cars away and blowing the dust from their old bikes to travel around.

Not only does biking help cut costs, but it promotes a healthier lifestyle and encourages people to become more active. Reports say that adult participation in cycling for leisure and sport has continued to grow in the last few years, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.



Make sure you’re well-equipped

It’s good to be well-equipped with handy tools to assist with the maintenance of your bike. You’ll only need a handful of basic equipment to get you started and to help keep your bike in good nick.

  • Floor pump – keep your tyre pressures topped up easily with any form of portable pump
  • Spanners – find this basic tool at RS Components, perfect for fastening or loosening any nuts and bolts
  • Allen keys – a versatile tool that’s great for turning bolts at any angle
  • Chain lubricant – using this regularly will extend the life of your drivetrain and allow for an easier ride
  • Bike stand – a useful tool that will allow you to position your bike comfortably whilst you’re working on it



ABC’s: Air, Brakes, Chain

Knowing your ABC’s is a great way to remember how to check your bike prior to making a long journey, ensuring a safer ride and increasing how long your bike will last.

  • Air: Check that your tires are properly inflated and make sure they have a suitable tyre pressure. You don’t want a flat tire as soon as you set off!
  • Brakes: Testing your brakes is crucial before riding your bike anywhere. Squeeze your front and rear brake levers to confirm that they are reacting properly and are working with ease.
  • Chain: Look at your chain and gears as you walk around your bike. Always keep your bike clean and the chain lubricated to ensure your bike runs smoothly.

Regular maintenance

Depending on how often you ride your bike, regular maintenance is incredibly important, whether that be weekly or monthly. If you’re spending lots of time riding in wet and dirty conditions, schedule in time more frequently to look after your bike.

Cleaning and maintaining your bike will allow for better performance overall and will ensure your bike lasts longer. Lubricating parts of your bike will reduce any likelihood of excessive wear and prevent any rust occurring.