A woman’s wardrobe is not complete without a collection of jeans. These outfits come in different cuts and styles, which can make your shopping experience mind-boggling for any lady. If you find these shopping options puzzling, then considering streamlining them to know which one works best. By doing so, it becomes easy to shop for the perfect denim. In this guide, I will walk you through different types of jeans and the ideal body type for them. Also included are suggestions on what styling and brand to go with when shopping. So, sit back, relax, and let the journey begin.

Ideal Denim Colour To Consider

If you are thinking of the ideal denim colour to rock at your workplace, black and navy blue works perfectly; you can never go wrong with these inky shades. But, if you more of a seasonal dresser, then consider rocking a pair of sky-blue jeans, as they complement this season’s colour theme. Bear in mind that your denim has to go with other outfits in your closet. Once in a while, you may need something other than denim decked with classic colours; this is where tons of hue options come into play.

On the other hand, print jeans are cool on days when you want to spice things up and be funky. In that case, animal prints are your go-to options, including zebra and leopard prints. Another jean hue option to add to your clothing collection is a pair of white jeans. Just as you would rock clothes of darker hues below, clothing materials of paler colors work as well on the bottom.

Ideal Jean Size Options For Your Body Type

If you have a sharp-cutting-edge physique, then you may decide to either get a pair of jeans that go with your body or one with an extra shape. People with this body type have no problem selecting any type of denim, as they have flat buttocks. They can decide to add more curves to their jeans. In such cases, the shoulders and hips share similar width.

On the other hand, a straight leg jean would suit you best if you are plus size. This jean type complements your curves, bottom, and elongated legs. Additionally, it glides over your hips, rather than just squeeze them. Other options include a flare- or bootcut-styled pair of jeans. However, wearing a straight leg jean accentuates your shape without making you feel constricted. The buddy-hugging design makes you appear slender, smart, and sexy – it produces more effect on a dark-hue jean.

Things To Look Out For In A Pair Of Jeans

Your denim should have no extra space in the crotch area. It is important to get a material that retracts to its original shape and size even after wear – one that sits on your body perfectly without discomfort. The form-fitting fabric should have a considerable amount of firmness, but not extremely tight on the body. How do you know if your jean is too tight? You will notice tension in the seam around the leg area; this may cause the stretch of your denim to slack.



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