A Family Road Trip in the Yorkshire Dales

Many years ago, before we had the children, Mr Wonders and I visited St Kitts.  It was a blissful time, of lazing by the pool and drinking Cuba Libre without a care in the world (in other words, not having to cater to children, referee arguments or make sure your offspring don’t hurt themselves in some spectacular fashion!).  We went horseriding up into the rainforest and through sugar plantations, relaxed on the beach and swam in the sea.  We decided to hire a convertible Jeep and explore the fabulous island, it was beautiful and a holiday we will always treasure.

Since the children came along, our holidays have centred around them and have been much more child friendly (and significantly less relaxing!).  We often visit the Yorkshire Dales and always drive.  We usually take our sensible family car though and really, it’s just to get us from a to b.  This year, the children are older and we want to recapture some of those carefree days.  We can’t afford the Caribbean so we are recreating our youth by taking a holiday in the wilds of the Yorkshire Moors and Dales with a Jeep!  

Mr Wonders has always worked on cars and has renovated his beloved TVR Tasmin and a Midget MG in the past, so a Jeep wasn’t too much of a stretch.  Parts are freely available from companies like Autodoc.co.uk and the prices of spares are pretty good on the pocket.  We plan to stay in Leyburn then travel from there with our tent, looking for rivers to splash about it and hills to climb (preferably in the Jeep and not on foot!).  We have some fab folding chairs, a picnic, a flask and a blanket and we are all set to have a wonderful family road trip camping holiday!  All we need now is the weather to be warm and dry!