Viking Warriors and a Best Beard Competition – the Jorvik Viking Festival

Every February York hosts its own Jorvik Viking Festival.  Usually cunningly timed to coincide with half term it’s a great one to take the kids to (or time your trip to York during).


Traditional Woodworking Methods

Another stall demonstrated traditional wood working methods.  Miss H loved the Viking animals last year too.  All the Vikings are surprisingly friendly (no pillaging here) and are happy to talk about their lives and customs.

Have a Go Sword Combat

Make sure you keep an eye on the Festival website for details of all the events in the festival (and there are lots!).  Next year we plan to take part in the ‘Have a Go Sword Combat’ which is right up Master T’s street, as well as ‘Have a Go Archery’.  There are walking tours, lectures and workshops as well as traders, storytelling and a Viking Banquet Experience (LOVE the sound of this!).  There’s lots for the age 2-5 bracket too with special ‘Little Diggers’ play and learn sessions. 

Coppergate Encampment

These delicious looking (and smelling!) burgers and sausages can be found at the Coppergate encampment.

Viking Helmets and Shields

There are stands dotted around the city of lusty looking Vikings.  On one stand we were encouraged to try out Viking helmets and shields.  This picture is from my camera phone from last year and is a bit fuzzy but I love it nonetheless.

Bloodaxe’s Last Stand – Jorvik Viking Festival Finale

On the penultimate day you can find the Annual Strongest Viking Competition, Best Beard Competition and the Festival Finale – Bloodaxe’s Last Stand – a “Thrilling live battle action awaits you as Eric Bloodaxe fights for his life at an extraordinary display of living history with hundreds of Viking warriors taking to the field.”


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